"The early years are critical, because this is the period in life when the brain develops most rapidly and has a high capacity for change, and the foundation is laid for health and wellbeing throughout life. Nurturing care – defined as care that is provided in a stable environment, that is sensitive to children’s health and nutritional needs, with protection from threats, opportunities for early learning, and interactions that are responsive, emotionally supportive and developmentally stimulating – is at the heart of children’s potential to develop.”  World Health Organization (WHO)


The DMV Nanny Association is not only a nanny association but a resource center for moms and  dads. We provide a step by step guide to help you understand all your needs along baby's journey. Those resources include finding the right nanny, signing a contract, all the must ask services, what is fair to ask and what is not. Market price rate based on your needs and nanny experience. Hired an Au pair, we can help improve her knowledge, skill and understanding about childcare. All the must haves from cribs to sunglasses. Meal preps and planning. The Nannies in DMV Nanny Association can provide you feedback about your potential nanny, including her work ethics. We also provide opportunity to meet others parents in our forum to help enrich your journey as a new one. Parents -- you are an essential part of our success, we need you to be engaged in our programs and activities and mostly be a contributor in our blog, write or share articles that will be of a great help to all those who will read it.


Our goal is to serve as a professional and social network service, which will provide resources to help you find the best position for you and to improve your work environment. That includes job-finding and referral whether full or part-time, interview advice dos and don’ts, assistance in building a strong resume and contract, current market rate and salary negotiation, nanny training and childcare related classes including CPR and first aid and early childhood development. The DMVNA will offer you an opportunity to serve your community well through our nanny gives back program and an opportunity to further your childcare education through our nanny scholarship program. The DMVNA expects from you a high standard of childcare services and believes in: honesty and integrity, Exceptional Service that will exceed the family’s expectations, caring for the baby like he or she is one of your own, committed to the highest standard of quality in everything you do​. 



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 “Service to others leads to greatness.” Jim Rohn

The DMV Nanny Association is a  501(C)(3) non-profit organization, funded through in-kind contributions and donations from nannies and families in our community who are passionate about laying the foundation of early learning, health and wellbeing for children throughout life

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