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 “Service to others leads to greatness.” Jim Rohn

The DMV Nanny Association is a  501(C)(3) non-profit organization, funded through in-kind contributions and donations from nannies and families in our community who are passionate about laying the foundation of early learning, health and wellbeing for children throughout life

Thank you!

About Us


The DMVNA sets out its mission to connect nannies, moms and dads to all the resources they need to create a nurturing environment for baby. The DMVNA works in close partnership with preschool teachers and Early childhood educators. The idea behind this is for our nannies in partnership with those can create a preschool readiness program for the child which will help make a smooth and successful transition and integration into the preschool environment and its routines and expectation. DMV Nanny Association is a not-for-profit association in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area. The DMVNA offers the highest standard resources and services to nannies and parents in the DMV area. It works to enhance and improve the professional climate of nannies. The DMVNA also works to connect parents to all the tools they need to create a nurturing environment for baby.


DMV Nanny Association Inc was founded by a group of a hundred and counting nannies. Our management team consists of the Executive director a senior nanny, the board of directors and members of the DMVNA. The DMVNA works closely with parents and families to advance our cause which is one happy baby, one happy nanny and one happy family. The DMVNA is local and diverse. It has many partners and resource people that bring their line of expertise to help advance our cause. Among those are preschool and elementary school teachers, nannies, newborn care specialists, moms, dads, Early childhood educators, accountants, humanitarians, nurses and others of different professional background.


The DMVNA  offers two levels of membership:

  • Our first level is a free membership – where a nanny or parent can:

    • sign up in our website

    • create a profile

    • post and read ads in our forum.

    • Access and share articles in our blog

  • Our second level membership – The DMVNA plans in the future to offer  gold-star paid membership – nannies only. These gold–star members get access to all regular member services plus:

    • Provide three personal references from nannies they have worked with

    • Two references from previous families

    • Answer a series of questionnaire

    • Conduct a phone interview with one of our team members.

    • Complete online training and video tutorial

    • In-person workshop to improve their skill and knowledge about childcare​

    • Positive Social media presence

    • Volunteer hours in our nanny gives back program

    • And most importantly Love for children

The DMVNA expects a high standard of childcare services and believes in:

                  Honesty & Integrity

                  Exceptional Service that will exceed the family’s expectations.

                  Caring for the baby like he or she is one of your own.

                  Committed to the highest standard of quality in everything you do​

When our gold-star member meet those standards, we then issue a membership certificate with which she can present to the parents as an approved gold-star member of the DMVNA.


A message from the Founder

Dear members and community, you are the reason why we’re here. We will do whatever possible to ensure the success of both. Dear family – a Nanny loves to work with a family that value, respect and honor her function in the household. Dear nanny – the child is the most precious being in the world for parents. Parents expect you to be reliable and trustworthy, sincere and honest in your approach and parents can entrust their beloved child to you without hesitation or reservations; with the assurance that their child is being taken care of in the best way possible.

Dear parents and nannies – make sure to establish a good relationship with each other that is based on trust, good communication, mutual respect, care and love.