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 “Service to others leads to greatness.” Jim Rohn

The DMV Nanny Association is a  501(C)(3) non-profit organization, funded through in-kind contributions and donations from nannies and families in our community who are passionate about laying the foundation of early learning, health and wellbeing for children throughout life

Thank you!


The Nanny industry has been growing. Nowadays, there are many agencies in the DMV area to help nannies and families. These agencies fees are very high and they are most of the time for profit which mean they put their interest first not nannies and families interest. In contrast to these agencies the DMV nanny association is an association operated by nannies. It's a not for profit. Therefore we eliminate the middleman between families and nannies. We eliminate the high agency fee and replace it with donation that is tax deductible. how? The DMVNA helps you find a great nanny through our forum or from our trained gold-star members and then you make a donation that is tax deductible. This creates a huge savings with tremendous opportunities for families and nannies to get the right tools and take advantage of the possibilities.​



The DMVNA provides a variety of services to nannies and families.

For nannies these services include:

  • A number of activities and events. These include:

    • Annual nanny fun day picnic

    • Annual nanny & baby day of fun

  • A website that is simple, beautiful and user friendly. The website offers services such as:

    • Members login and profile setup

    • A forum to post their own ads to find a family and to read ads posted by families

    • A blog to read and write various articles

    • Articles and advice about writing a contract and resume

    • Salary guideline

    • Day to day activities and fun things to do

Among the services planned for the future for nannies are:

  • In-person childcare training and workshop that will equip nannies with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out work-related tasks and workplace well-being

  • Online videos training.

  • Employment rights advice

  • Nanny fitness and yoga

  • Nanny wellness and healthy eating

  • Monthly newsletters to enrich the nannies professional network for our subscribers.​​

  • English literacy, Spanish and French classes

  • Financial planning

  • Nanny payroll and tax

  • Education facility such as daycares and playgroups

  • Scholarship for nannies who wants to further their childcare education

  • Women and child empowerment (helping the undeserving women and children in our community through our nanny gives back program).​


For families these services include:

  • A number of activities and events. These include annual nanny and baby day of fun.

  • A website that is simple, beautiful and user friendly. The website offers services such as:​​

  • Login and profile setup

  • A forum for parents to post their ads to find a nanny and read ads posted by nannies.

  • Au pair training to meet child's need

  • Sample contract

  • Salary guideline based on family need

  • Food and meal ideas and planning

  • All the must haves for baby

  • Communications in the form of a monthly newsletter for our subscribers.​​

Among the services planned for the future for parents are:

  • New parent workshop

  • Nanny payroll and tax services

  • Education facility for playgroups

  • Language classes for baby and parents including French and Spanish.